• Pearl Red Patchwork Strap Top
  • Althea Tiered Ruffles Dress
    RM200 to buy |RM4,899 Retail
  • Blush Aisha Bridesmaid
    RM80RM599 Retail
  • Blush Drawstring Dress
    RM99 to buy |RM139 Retail
  • Blush Fleurette Gown
    RM650RM10,999 Retail
  • Cinderella Gradient Gown
    RM750RM8,699 Retail
  • Julless Feather Gown
    RM600RM11,099 Retail
  • Peach Dulce Flutter Gown
    RM450RM8,699 Retail
  • Pink Angelic Peplum Gown
    RM1,200RM8,999 Retail
  • Pink Barbie Deep Gown
    RM320RM2,399 Retail
  • Pink Loulou Dress
    RM600RM6,899 Retail
  • Pink Luna Dress
    RM320RM2,099 Retail