• Pink Shimmer Sweetheart Gown
    RM450RM8,399 Retail
  • Pink Sweetheart Gown
    RM550RM8,299 Retail
  • Poplin Tube Dress
    RM100 to buy |RM2,399 Retail
  • Purple Minka Dress
    RM280RM2,399 Retail
  • Purple Off Shoulder Sheer Gown
    RM550RM9,288 Retail
  • Red Academy Gown
    RM250RM1,899 Retail
  • Red Cheongsam Set
    RM180 to buy |RM2,699 Retail
  • Red Confessions Dress
    RM100 to buy |RM1,369 Retail
  • Red Fearless Gown
    RM420RM6,899 Retail
  • Red Railey Dress
    RM380RM2,899 Retail
  • Rosa Sheer Gown
    RM450RM6,899 Retail
  • Sheer Pink Blossom Gown
    RM1,000RM7,299 Retail