• Cream Lace Ruched Off Shoulder Dress
  • Elysian Dream Dress
    RM450RM3,899 Retail
  • Estellina Front Slit Sequin Gown
    RM200 to buy |RM1,899 Retail
  • Floral Print Bardot Dress
  • Fury Fury Gown
    RM1,000 to buy |RM10,500 Retail
  • Green High Neck Gown
    RM320RM2,099 Retail
  • Green Mia Two-Piece Dress
    RM450RM6,399 Retail
  • Grey Aisha Bridesmaid
    RM80RM599 Retail
  • Grey Draped Slit Gown
    RM300 to buy |RM2,899 Retail
  • Grey Shimmer Slit Gown
    RM300 to buy |RM3,299 Retail
  • Ilma Silver Gown
    RM600 to buy |RM7,669 Retail
  • Iris Black Gown
    RM400RM3,699 Retail