• Black Sequin Mermaid Gown
    RM400RM3,699 Retail
  • Black Sheer Lace Gown
    RM450RM2,880 Retail
  • Black Sleek Gown
    RM129 to buy |RM169 Retail
  • Black Velvet Gown
    RM360RM2,399 Retail
  • Blush Aisha Bridesmaid
    RM80RM599 Retail
  • Callie Gold Gown
    RM680RM6,699 Retail
  • Chantilly Beaded Gown
    RM1,500RM12,900 Retail
  • Cinderella Gradient Gown
    RM750RM8,699 Retail
  • Cindy Cascade Gown
    RM400RM3,699 Retail
  • Cream Aisha Bridesmaid
    RM80RM599 Retail
  • Dark Charm Tube Gown
    RM200 to buy |RM2,694 Retail
  • Elysian Dream Dress
    RM450RM3,899 Retail