• Angelic Cap Gown
    RM600RM5,299 Retail
  • Black Deep V Alison Gown
    RM360RM2,400 Retail
  • Black Estella Gown
    RM320RM2,129 Retail
  • Black Isabel Gown
    RM360RM200 Retail
  • Black Sequin Gown
    RM260RM1,899 Retail
  • Black Sheer Lace Gown
    RM450RM2,880 Retail
  • Black Sleek Gown
    RM0 to buy |RM1,691 Retail
  • Black Swan Gown
    RM300 to buy |RM1,799 Retail
  • Cinderella Gradient Gown
    RM5,555 to buy |RM8,699 Retail
  • Dark Charm Tube Gown
    RM350RM2,694 Retail
  • Fury Fury Gown
    RM1,000RM10,500 Retail
  • Grey Eva Gown
    RM250RM1,699 Retail